The Hygiene Series: Cleansing

Greetings healers, nature lovers and adherents of the holistic practices. This coming Sunday Healing Session will focus on the pervasive yet little understood process of Cleansing. Our brother Mkhulu Mhleli Linda will unpack the Cleansing process from a holistic yet particularly Ngoni/Nguni perspective. We look forward to a revealing and robust engagement with the oftenContinue reading “The Hygiene Series: Cleansing”

Sunday Healing Session: The Hygiene Series, session 2

In our collective work towards Self Realisation, Wellness and living in harmony with Nature and our communities, we need the correct tools. To ensure that we have all the resources we need to keep ourselves, our environment as well as our processes clean or in a state of purity, we have to do the innerContinue reading “Sunday Healing Session: The Hygiene Series, session 2”