Sekhmet Season is upon us

Sekhmet, destroyer of wickedness, Healer of souls
Mistress of the gates, to whom no other of the Neteru is superior. Lady of the White and Red crowns, Sole one, exalted by Her Father Ra, Lady of the bright red linen, Who carries the flint knife of sacrifice. Great of magic, presider of the barque of eternity.Sacred one, destroyer of the enemies of Ra.

Dua Sekhmet


Green Ankh Works

The Kemetic/ Ancient Egyptian Neter known as Anpu/Anubis is the Guardian of the deceased and assists Souls to reach forth towards their own resurrection in the presence of Ausar/Osiris. As a spiritual guide and observer of the scales of Ma’at (divine justice, truth and righteousness, He is the Natural Force that assists the Living to conduct a holistically balanced life so that they enter the phases of transition without a struggle.

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