Sunday Healing Session: The Hygiene Series, session 2

In our collective work towards Self Realisation, Wellness and living in harmony with Nature and our communities, we need the correct tools. To ensure that we have all the resources we need to keep ourselves, our environment as well as our processes clean or in a state of purity, we have to do the innerContinue reading “Sunday Healing Session: The Hygiene Series, session 2”

INHealing speaks on Gene-Editing from A Spiritual Perspective

Good Evening Beloved Healers; please excuse the late notice. Our Own Gogo Khanyisile @⁨Nelly Nkosi Healer⁩ will be among the panelists Discussing Genes and Healing on Ligwalagwala FM tonight at 21.30PM pleaee tune in:

The Breathing Session: Series Finale

Greetings Nature Lovers, Healers and Seekers. Please join us on our Zoom, Facebook and You Tube platforms as we present the final chapter of The Breathing Session. This session will focus on a few herbs from the Artemisia family of medicinal herbs used by generations of healers particularly in the ‘Global South’. We shall shareContinue reading “The Breathing Session: Series Finale”