Preparations for Tehuti Season November22 – 22 December

Preparation for Tehuti Season November22 – 22 December The Shekhem Ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer Amen of the Ausar Auset Society teaches that we should meditate this way when honoring Tehuti : “I understand that God has saved us by sharing Its power of wisdom with us.” – Ma’at: The 11 Laws of God. ConsciousContinue reading “Preparations for Tehuti Season November22 – 22 December”

The Vision

Executive Summary of Ikhambi Natural Healing Vision: To cultivate, preserve, study, and teach the value and application of Natural medicine to all members of humanity while promoting research, cosmic balance, and responsible use of Natural resources. Mission: Empowering humanity to learn, utilize and restore Natural balance in the healing arts. To make knowledge and responsibleContinue reading “The Vision”


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