A personal journey with the Tree of Life

“In the Kemetic Tree of Life, each sphere and its divinity represent a particular human and / or a transcendental philosophical issue (lower 5 spheres) and cosmic issues (upper 5 spheres) that must be experienced and mastered in order to progress. Once the aspirant progresses to mastery of the 10 spheres (branches of the tree),Continue reading “A personal journey with the Tree of Life”

About the Neter called Geb

Geb Element of Earth; consort of Nut; Father of Asar Facts on Geb Month – 23 February to 22 March Stone – Amber Colour – Brown Metal – Bronze: Does brass have healing properties? Composed of Copper and Zinc, Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and to give courage. Repeated wearingContinue reading “About the Neter called Geb”

About The Neter called Heru

The King is Heru in Life and is Ausar in death. We become our Ancestors as we areempowered by their wisdom so do, we empower next generations.The Divine Force of Heru is critical for the reestablishment of Order and Justice after the Chaotic reign of SET.Heru as an Energy is responsible for Manifestation of BalanceContinue reading “About The Neter called Heru”

Meditations on Nebt-Het

Meditations on Nbt-Het and the Bennu Bird Introduction Matters of death, expiration, decay, and decomposition are often viewed with contempt, fear, and dread. Our thirst and desperation for Living and wellbeing in every facet of life causes us to display less appreciation with mortality as well as things we have tended to define as finite.Continue reading “Meditations on Nebt-Het”

Heru and The Institution Of Kingship

Siphila ngomoya, inyama yona iyithuluzi esilisebenzisela ukubakhona, nokubakhona kungenxa yomphefumulo. Ababusi nabo babusa ngentando yabanini bemimoya. Inkinga esibhekene nayo ikakhulukazi thina bantu Abantsundu isekutheni asizazi ukuthi silawulwa ngobani ezigabeni zomoya. Izinkolo zabezizwe zilithola kanjalo ke ithuba lokungena zisiphazamise ekuphileni ngendlela esasidalwe ngayo noma ngokwemvelo. Okhokho bethu ikakhulukazi ezindaweni ezinjengasemachwebeni amakhulu ( Great Lakes region) enkabazwe,Continue reading “Heru and The Institution Of Kingship”

Ubukhosi Obenzenjani?/ Kingship For What?: Does Royalty Have An Expiry Date?

Originally posted on Green Ankh Works:
“Kings do not exist in a vacuum. Kings hold their positions because they enjoy the support and respect of the people they are supposed to lead. They are kings of their people and not because of a piece of paper of recognition from government and the government salary. Already,…