A Brief Story on the Neter Sekhmet

Hutuapo/Hetepu/Hotep Everyone.

(Htpw – the ancient Egyptian word of greeting means Offering of Peace/Isipho Sokuthula)

It is now not a mystery that we at Ikhambi Natural Healing aka I.N.Healing /INhealing use Ancient Afrikan/Nile Valley civilization knowledge system as part of our cultural background. We are an Indigenous Knowledge Systems based institution and our inspiration for this work also comes from our ancestors, various parts of the Afrikan continent as well as other Natural/Holistic health practices.

The main mission for us as stated on our concept document* (insert) is to promote the practical use of natural elements in homes, improve wellbeing within families and share the cultural practices of light workers /healers among our people –

One of our sources of inspiration is a book titled The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt – The Spiritual Practice Restored by Rosemary Clark, published in 2003 by Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota. We are eternally grateful to Mkhulu Nsingiza of Great Empire of Kemet for leading us towards this practical work which is so well researched and meticulously simplified. While there are many other texts whereby we do our research and find inspiration for the restoration of Afrikological thinking and practice, this one simply happens to be one of the simplest, especially for those encountering Kemetic spiritual sciences for the first time. It also works for those who are interested in the history, cosmogony, cosmology and esoteric architecture of this great Ancient Afrikan civilization known as Egypt.

In Clark’s introduction to her book, she states: “Though no complete guide to Egyptian religious practice has come down to us in modern times, much can be discerned from the multityde of sacred texts inscribed on papyri, in temple and pyramid chambers, and on tomb walls. From these considerable remnants and the reports of ancient chroniclers, a fairly wide view of ancient spirituality and its observance is known.”

Under the titled The Powers of Creation she writes: “Daily life in ancien Egypt encompassed far more than attendance to personal need or social duty. It was an existence intertwined with the perception of and a deep regard for divine life and a dsire to communicate with its powers.”

I cannot help thinking that she could be writing about any of the peoples of Afrika, or any of the native/Indigenous cultures in the pre-colonial era. While Clark’s work is cognisant of the Afrikan origins of this ancient practice, her work clearly illustrates just how universal and celestial the ancient Egyptian mythos is.

There are many Afrikan as well as Afrikans in the diaspora who have written numerous volumes about our Nile Valley heritage. Ashra Kwesi, Ra Un Nefer Amen, Queen Afua, Asar Imhotep and our recently departed Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu are among the illustrious ones. We shall return to them and their conttibutions soon.

Much has been published about the Neter/goddess Sekhmet, we shall create a space to share about the various ways of approaching Her, for now let us turn to Clark’s chapter on Cosmic Resonance under the title Sekhmet-Bast:

“According to the ancient Egyptian legend The Deliverance of Mankind, it was the neter/goddess Het-Her, summoned by the Sun neter/god Ra, who destroyed the dester people after they offended their maker with hostile behavior. In this deed, the goddess assumed her form as Sekhmet-Bast, the “sound eye” of her father, fiery and burning, the avenging power of all that brought disorder to the land of Egypt. “I have prevailed over men and my heart is satisfied,” she reported to Ra when the slaughter was completed. Thus bathed in the blood of mortals, she became known to the gods as the dreaded vindicator of wrongdoing, the fierce protectoress of sacred territory. But this goddess also holds the keys to healing the wounds she is capable of inflicting, especially those brought by her powers to dispel unwanted influences. Thus, she governs processes that eliminate for once and for all, the poisons that come from unwise living, thinking and feeling. In ancient times, her priests were trained to the highest skills in medical treatment, surgery, and exorcism..

Principle: Purification. Sekhmet-Bast’s energy dynamic is directed toward removing invasion, intrusion, ad disorder. Her influence is formidable and should never be called upon for frivolous purposes. . . She is protector of soldiers, law enforcement, and psychic healers.

Function: Purgation. As healer, Sekhmet- Bast removes impurities from the body, though her presence may bring fever and eruptions of the skin. However, she brings the appropriate medical assistance when invoked, and she is patroness of all healers, therapists, and physicians. ”

Here is a beautiful invocation of Sekhmet energy from the great Yoga teacher Pablo Imani.

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