Session 2 of Geb season: The Divine Masculine

The Second session of the Geb season, Sunday Healing session will be a continuation of a conversation we have been having with Dr Baba Buntu of Ebukhosini Solutions. This time we shall focus on Men’s health and the rituals required for Afrikan men to obtain/attain their fullest potential as Divine beings.

“…the presence of the Neteru (Divine principles/Natural forces), indeed, imparts to us health of body, virtue of soul, purity of intellect and in one word, elevates everything in us to its proper principle. The dispositions of the soul of those that invoke the Gods to appear receive, when they become visible, a liberation from the passions, a transcendent perfection, and an energy entirely more excellent, and participate of divine love and an immense joy.” – Iamblichus in the 4th century C.E. describing the philosophy of Alexandrian sages as they studied Hermetic philosophy ( The teachings of Djehuty/Tehuti/Thoth)

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