Meditations on Nebt-Het

Meditations on Nbt-Het and the Bennu Bird


Matters of death, expiration, decay, and decomposition are often viewed with contempt, fear, and dread. Our thirst and desperation for Living and wellbeing in every facet of life causes us to display less appreciation with mortality as well as things we have tended to define as finite.

Despite the fact that Afrikan culture as well as many other peoples cultures have historically given the deepest respect to issues of Death, the stigma that modern society attributes to this Natural phenomenon is a sign of the waywardness and lack of maturity among modern humans.

In Afrika there is reverence for Ancestors/ Abaphansi/Abangasekho, the last word means those who are n more, the first word means those who are below. The mystical part is that we regard those who are beneath the Earth as messengers and conduits towards our communication with the Almighty Creator, the Creator is often regarded as either a Heavenly Being or an Entity that resides Among or Beyond the Stars. The principle of As Above So Below finds fullest expression in this phenomenon. We communicate with the Ones Past, the ones who have Passed on who are now Living as Spirits Below in order to Reach the One who is Infinite Above.

Here there is a clear sign that the issues of death are intimately connected to the issues of life. The Goddess Nebt-Het (The Lady of the Mansion, Mistress of the House) is a significant Neter/Divine Being Who presides over funeral rites, rites of passage and the wellbeing of Souls once they have transcended the physical plane. It is by no accident that in Ancient Kemet She was known as the Daughter of Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky or Heavens). She is also known as the Sister to Ausar (The Foremost of the West or Guardian of Souls Due for Eternal Life and Resurrection). In Ancient Kemet, a righteous person was not considered dead, but was said to have Travelled towards the West, in other words Towards the Setting Sun.

A Meditation on Silence, The Sanctity of Sacred Spaces/Houses/Temples/Graves

Sifa kube kanye

Uvuko olwalabo ababona ngeso lesithathu ngokuphinda-phinda

Abalele bayikuthangi, abasizalayo bayizolo thina siyinamuhla

Abantwana bayikusasa

Indlu Yinye Kepha Imagumbi-gumbi

Imithandazo yonke ivela ekuthuleni okuphenya ekujuleni kwenhliziyo yasephakadeni.

Of Sacred Birds and Goddesses

See deep enough, and you see musically; the heart of Nature being everywhere music, if you can only reach it.” – Thomas Carlyle

Every song is a prayer, either to the dead or the living. The makers of sacred and profane songs are we who create our music through every waking decision, every step, every thought, and every aspect of Becoming. It is only in stillness where we rest from aspirations, ambitions, anxieties, and all striving. But what does it mean to be at Rest?

Can we truly say we are at peace when we are in our Houses, Homes, Temples, sacred spaces? Who is it that is at peace, enjoying the silence, the reviving tranquility of repose? Is it our body, our mind, our Spiritual Heart?

There is a common notion that When We Sleep, we Grow, people grow in their sleep, it is said. Whether this is a scientific fact or a cultural social conditioning, it is worth exploring. In sleep we do not only grow, but we also go travelling, going to places and spaces we could not normally go while we are awake, engaged in the issues of consciousness or Wakefulness.

Nebt-Het then, is the Mistress of the House of the Sub-Conscious. She holds the sacred space for the Soul to Find its way back to Fully Awakened Being. She reminds the Mind that not everything is about Doing as much as we can, She also remids the Heart that not everything is about Longing, Hoping, Wishing, but in Sleep, In Trance we can Program Our Selves to become Fully Realised Beings.

How is this Self -Realization accomplished?

  • Meditation, Transcendental Music, and Indulging in Spiritual Cultivation.
  • Overcoming Fears of Failure, Consequences and Retributions
  • Pursuance of Visions, Dreams and Goals that are Infinite, Lasting beyond the Visible and the Graspable.
  • Conscious Sleep Practice (Coordinating Programming ones sleeping patterns and rituals)
  • Conscious Waking Practice (Inner-standing the Ongoing Work of the Sub-Conscious even while engaged in Daily tasks)
  • Engaging in Sound Resonance: Hearing and Harmonizing with the Music of the Spheres (Realizing that Sounds are Tones, Notes are Spells, Words are Teachings)

What About the Bird? In IsiNtu, nowadays collectively referred to as Indigenous Knowledge Systems/Wisdom, birds are among those animals considered Messengers. Zphathiswa Umbiko Ovela Ezulwini Nasemazweni Asekudeni. Birds carry messages from Celestial worlds to the living. The Kemetic Bennu bird is said to have perched on the Mound of Creation in Ancient Unu/Iunnu/Heliopolis (The City of the Sun). The Cry of the Heron/Bennu bird was the first Song of Creation announcing the Completion of the Work of the Creative Council of One (Ptah, Atum, Amun-Ra).


“Phoenix Rising

In Ra’s city of Heliopolis (Iunu), Nephthys was associated with the Temple of the Bennu. A bennu, or white heron, is the ancient Egyptian phoenix bird that was a symbol of the rising sun. Later on the bennu and phoenix continued to be her symbols—makes sense for a goddess of death and change—and in Diospolis Parva, where the bennu and Nephthys were BFFs, she got a special temple as the “mistress of the phoenix.”

Mysteries of Osiris and the Hall of Two Truths

Nephthys helps her sister Isis recover her dead husband and prepare him for burial. Together the sisters are called Ma’ati, or “two truths,” and the judgment hall in the afterlife where Osiris judges the dead is named for them. They get to sit on the steps with him and welcome anybody who survives the weighing of the heart. Thankfully, they’ve gotten over that whole awkward phase when Anubis was born. Thousands of images in temples, tombs, and papyri from the Middle Kingdom into the Roman period show all three hanging out in the hall.

Chief Mourner”

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