About The Neter called Heru

The King is Heru in Life and is Ausar in death. We become our Ancestors as we are
empowered by their wisdom so do, we empower next generations.
The Divine Force of Heru is critical for the reestablishment of Order and Justice after the Chaotic reign of SET.
Heru as an Energy is responsible for Manifestation of Balance and Progressive activity. The Neteru taught Heru the special exercises which will make him become stronger and healthy for the challenges of Life. These exercises are known as Tjef Neteru Sema Paut aka Yoga exercises.” Djehuti said to Heru:

Remember that the way to face bad people is not with anger. If you become angry you will not know what to do when the time comes. Set is not your real enemy. So do not become angry with him.
Heru said: What do you mean?
SET is your uncle. He is acting badly because he is sick with the diseases of greed, hatred and anger, He has forgotten that his spirit comes from Ra and that all people are his brothers and sisters. He became selfish and does not care for anybody but himself. So you must help him remember by letting him know when he is acting badly.
Then Heru asked: “How can I help SET?”
Djehuti answered: “If you want to help people who are doing bad things and saying bad things, you must stay calm, tell the truth and show them the right way to act. Always remember Ma’at!”
Aspects of Heru:
Heru is the Faculty of the Will and represents Superior man or woman. The Ab, the 4th division of the Spirit within the Objective Realm, the realm of Truth and Justice.
Heru Wer: He represents Light or the Great One whose eyes are the Sun and the Moon.
Kemwer: The Great Black One
Her – Sema – Tawy
Heru Sa Maa Kheru – A Maat: The Son of Truth the Upholder of Ma’at
Heru- Shaf – The neter of Manliness, bravery, respect – he who rules the land. He helped the suffering, the weak and fearful with his great strength. He is the god of goodness and strength.
Heru Pa Khrat: Heru the child
Heru Pa Neru: Heru The Victorious one
Heru Ur : The Elder King of Kemet

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