Ubukhosi Obenzenjani?/ Kingship For What?: Does Royalty Have An Expiry Date?

Green Ankh Works

Kings do not exist in a vacuum. Kings hold their positions because they enjoy the support and respect of the people they are supposed to lead. They are kings of their people and not because of a piece of paper of recognition from government and the government salary. Already, a lot of people in the current generation, including those who reside in areas under the chiefs’ jurisdiction, have lost respect and love of the traditional leadership institutions.” – Zinasele Kani writes in the Voices section of the City Press newspaper, 7 February 2021

In a poem dedicated to the poet Miguel Pinero, the exceptionally gifted Afrikan American Poet Carl Hancock Rux muses wisely on his album The Rux Review:

We are aging and chosen and poorly trained for mass redemption Miguel – and everything is falling away Miguel, come down …”

A popular adage says that ‘everything…

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