Ikhambi Natural Healing : Tehuti/Djehuti Season

“The politics and the art and the religion all must be Black. The social system. the entirety of the projection. Black Power must mean a Black people with a past clear back to the beginnings of the planet, channeling the roaring energies of Black to revive Black power. If you can dig it???” – Amiri Baraka

Green Ankh Works

Tehuti or Thoth, represents the divine intelligence, which at creation uttered the words that when spoken turned into the objects of the material world. He ( It) was self produced and was the great Ntr/God of the earth, air, sea and sky; he united in himself the attributes of many Neteru/Gods.

He is the scribe of the Neteru and such He was regarded as the inventor of all the arts and sciences …some of His titles include: “Lord of writing”, “Master of the papyrus,” “the mighty speaker’. He is the Neter of Right and Truth. His name Tehuti/Djehuti means ‘The Measurer”.

In the great metaphysical battle between Set and Heru, Tehuti is known as the great Judge. He is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts as the Brother of Wsr/Ausar.

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