Notification: Calendar and Program Alignment

Hutuapo / Greetings of Peace.

Following the maxim, “we are Spiritual beings having a human experience”, it is imperative that we are aligned with the Principles which govern our seasons, our Spirit and our Healing. The Ikhambi Natural Healing team would like to introduce the indigenous calendar which talks to the seasons and Principles as determined by the ancient wisdom of our Ancestors. Our Ancestors studied and meticulously recorded the movement of celestial beings like the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets. Our calendar is based on the ingress/appearance of particular star constellations in the sky, at certain times of the year, thereby marking the months and their corresponding seasons or Principles. We already know the effect of the moon on water bodies (rivers, oceans, etc.) with respect to the Tidal forces. These Tidal forces also affect us because our bodies are about 90% water. Celestial bodies therefore, affect life on earth in various ways. As such, it is important for us to be in perfect alignment with the Principle determined by the effect of the constellations on earth. Hence, “As Above So Below, As Within, So Without.”

At the beginning of each season (each month) and each I.N. Healing series, we shall give a brief explanation of both the Series/Session as well as the Principle which governs it. The Ikhambi Natural Healing team will compile a concise but comprehensive video to explain how the indigenous calendar operates, as well as the Principles and their Functions for the seasons. This is especially important in the context of wholistic healing.

Previously, we were in the Season of the Neter (Divine Natural Principle) of Ausar, and this morning, 23 Mfumfu / Mphalane / October 2020, we entered the season of the Neter, Het-Heru. Due to timing constraints, we were not able to observe the season of Ausar and therefore, we will incorporate Ausar within Het-Heru on 25 October 2020 at 10h00. Our series will continue that way as we communicate further and share the calendar.

Please be advised that from 25 October 2020, we will broadcast at 10h00, and every second week henceforth. We will continue to conduct Healing Sundays but the content will be innate as we follow the Principles of the constellations (Stellar Calendar).

Sincerely Yours,
Gogo Nelly Nkosi,
Mkhulu Menzi Maseko,
Nelisiwe Xaba,
Mkhulu Mhleli Linda.


  4. Clark, R. (2003). The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt. Llewellyn Publications.

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