The Hygiene Series: Cleansing

Greetings healers, nature lovers and adherents of the holistic practices. This coming Sunday Healing Session will focus on the pervasive yet little understood process of Cleansing. Our brother Mkhulu Mhleli Linda will unpack the Cleansing process from a holistic yet particularly Ngoni/Nguni perspective. We look forward to a revealing and robust engagement with the often neglected practices of our Ancestors, much of which have a high potential of assisting us today in our daily lives.


Sunday Healing Series: Session 3

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Topic: Healing Sundays Session 3
Time: Aug 9, 2020 09:00 AM Johannesburg
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Aug 9, 2020 09:00 AM
Aug 16, 2020 09:00 AM
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a word from our elders

ISanusi Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa sithi:
“In studying a plant, one must at the same time study the soil in which it grows, the water it absorbs, the air it breathes, and the light it assimilates.
Nothing in the world is an entirely independent entity, and least of all is a particular race of Man such an entity.

To understand a particular race one must know Man as a whole. And Mankind in turn must be seen as a product of his environment.
No zoologist can claim that he understands a particular animal unless he understands it ecologically.
Man’s environment is the world as a whole, and the latter’s environment is the solar system.
‘Man is part of the stars and the stars, sun, and the moon are all part of Man.’
Thus believe the Fire-Worshippers of the Southern Bu-Kongo. Astronomy was not brought to Man in Africa by Western Civilization. We have our own theories on the origin of our solar system.” – Page 546, INDABA, MY CHILDREN

Articulate Love: A Note on Excess and Deficiency

Green Ankh Works

If the heart is the image of the Sun in man, in the Earth it is gold.” – Juan Eduardo Cirlot, Dictionary of Symbols ( Great Zimbabwe: Resting Place of the Lion)

As healers, we are constantly working on ourselves. Our own weaknesses, shortcomings and fragility. It is very instructive that one of the primary ways in which Nguni/BaNtu shamans/sangoma’s/Nyanga’s become initiated into their powerful duties as mediums is that there must be a recognisable illness or sickness that they have to go through. This sickness is usually impossible to define in western terms, but it usually involves a kind of psychosis and sometimes strange inexplicable misfortunes and physical suffering.

Part of Initiation involves overcoming or conquering ingulo/ the sickness and occurs in the early stages. The healer never forgets this usually near death experience, it is a constant reminder of the fragile bond between the visible and…

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Official Notice Re. Sunday Healing Sessions

15 Mfumfu / Mphalane / October 2020


Dear Healers and Fellow Travellers!

The Ikhambi Natural Healing team has taken it upon itself to make improvements to the sessions, owing to the tremendously positive feedback we have received in recent weeks.

As a result of these improvements, the team will regroup and resume sessions on 25 Mfumfu / Mphalane / October 2020.

Once again, for your unwavering love and support, we owe you all a debt we cannot repay. Let’s stay together and keep growing into our individual and social practices.

Siyabonga/ Thanks

Gogo Nelly Nkosi,
Nelisiwe Xaba,
Menzi KaGudu Maseko,
Mkhulu Mhleli Linda.